"Le Parc" comes to life

On November 15th, 2019 our new hotel building will welcome its first guests.


It's official! After 2 years of work the new hotel building will be inaugurated on November 15th!

To build something new next to a historic castle is a brave endeavor indeed.

Such a project requires determined owners with a vision as well as an experienced and creative architect. Uli and Harald Leibrecht, together with their architect Jean-Laurent Berg from Strasbourg, undertook this project without hesitation.

They had the eventful history and the heritage of the Château the Pourtalès in mind when planning the new building. The challenge was to integrate the new building into the existing surroundings of the château and chalet.

Therefore, it was decided together with Strasbourg’s historic monument authorities, that the facades should follow the traditional construction of an Alsatian building. Sandstone, timbering, dormers, and a slate roof are the main components of the exterior view.

Once inside, the guests will be welcomed to a modern hotel with twenty individually furnished and cozy rooms.

The interior design choices reflect the surroundings: a beautiful park and the Rhine river nature reserve. It is no wonder that the main building material which was used is wood. Building with wood as an environmentally friendly resource is sustainable and at the same time it provides for a pleasant atmosphere.

Most of the building consists of a wooden structure ensuring the highest environmental, energy, and safety standards. However, the most important goal is to make our guests feel comfortable.

Throughout the building, visitors will enjoy modern art works from well-known regional artists. Again, paintings, sculptures, and light installations reflect the overall theme of nature and the park.

At the same time the new hotel structure “Le Parc” is being built, there are also renovations going on at the château. For example, the main entrance will finally be handicapped accessible by the addition of a ramp.

All the trades are almost finished and the first guests will be able occupy the brand new rooms.

Here you can see the new building from the sky.

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