The history of Château de Pourtalès


The Château de Pourtalès was built around 1750 by the Bussière family, a wealthy Strasbourg industrial family, on the site of a country house. Especially in the years 1870 to 1914, at the invitation of the Comtesse Mélanie and Count Pourtalès, the European aristocracy and all kinds of celebrities met here at the Château.

Albert Schweitzer, Franz Liszt, Napoléon III, Empress Eugénie, the Princes of Belgium and Russia, Ludwig I of Bavaria, the Grand Duke of Baden or the Princes Metternich, to name but a few, came and went here.

With the two world wars it went steadily downhill. At first the castle was occupied by the Germans, later liberated by the Americans. After the Second World War, an Eastern European university was accommodated here for a short time, which, however, had to be closed again with the construction of the Berlin Wall.

The castle was almost demolished when Dr. Walter Leibrecht, the founder of Schiller International University, bought the building in 1972 and began reconstruction. For more than 25 years, students of Schiller International University were accommodated here. Since the transfer of the hotel management studies to Switzerland, the rooms are mainly available for guests. The Château de Pourtalès still welcomes guests from all over the world. It is available as a campus for students from international universities and has become a second home for many Members of the European Parliament during the session weeks.

In November 2009, the Hotel*** Château de Pourtalès opened its doors here. The Château de Pourtalès is looking forward to a new chapter in its lively history.