Catering - enjoy the diversity

For almost every culture, food is central to the success of any gathering.

From formal to casual, business or educational seminars to special family occasions, coffee break to 5-star gala dinners, we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to do it right at the Château de Pourtalès.

The Château de Pourtalès offers a diverse collection of rooms suitable for dining. From fancier meals in one of our beautiful salons, to casual buffets in our dining hall, we are adaptable to any occasion. Kieffer Traiteur's professional staff are pleased to consult with you to create menus suitable for your tastes and occasion.

Just a short walk from the Château itself, we also offer traditional tastes of the Alsace at our unique "Jardin du Pourtalès" restaurant. Cozy and intimate, the Jardin is a warm and welcoming choice for lunch or dinner.