Summit Meeting at the Château

The main guest is yet to come

The Alsace is not known only for its friendly people, the Tart Flambé, the Gugelhupf cake or its great wines. It is also famous for the many storks.

One can see their nests on rooftops and church towers and hear their clatter all along the Alsace Wine Route. Every spring the storks return from their African winter retreat to our beautiful region.

For years Harald Leibrecht, the owner of the château talked about having storks at the castle. “Although storks do clapper all day long and can be quite noisy  it would be nice to have them,” Harald says. “In Alsace storks are considered to bring luck and the babies”.

By coincidence, Fabrice Risser, a local artist working with metal welded in the barn of the château when Harald talked about his plan. He jumped at the idea of having storks and immediately started to build a metal wheel as a basis for the storks nest.  With the help of a lifting platform Fabrice together with Harald’s son Philipp fixed the wheel onto an abandoned chimney. The only thing what’s missing now is the stork family itself. We keep our fingers crossed and stay optimistic. We will see if our hotel guests like the storks. Just announcing the installation of a storks nest at the Château already brought some changes to the Leibrecht family. Since last August Harald and Uli Leibrecht became grandparents for the first time. “Little Carla makes us all so happy. Having four adult children we stand a good chance that the stork will bring more babies for the years to come,” Harald said.

By the way, the storks will find enough food around the castle. In the past weeks a number of lakes in the park were reconstructed and will be the right habitat for amphibians. So little frogs – better watch out!

Weißer Pfau

Keeping pretty fowl at the château is nothing new. Countess Mélanie de Pourtalès who during the 19th century lived in the castle kept white peacocks in the park.


The storks will have this great view from their nest. From up there they will see not only the Black Forrest and the Vogue Mountains but also the European Parliament and the Strasbourg Cathedral.

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